Launched in 2016, Miradonna® by Miraclesuit® was born from the successful partnership of two swimwear companies: Miraclesuit, the American leader in shaping swimwear and AFS International, a major Italian swimwear powerhouse that has been marketing its swimwear and beachwear brands internationally for decades.

Designed in Italy and true to the high quality standards of Miraclesuit®, Miradonna®’s swimsuits provide women with the soft comfort, style and great looks they aspire to. 
A few key benefits make your Miradonna swimsuits truly unique:

  • The use of a light and soft shaping fabric, called Mirashape, which gently sculpts the body and enhances women’s natural curves.

  • The innovative silhouettes, which are engineered to shape women’s natural curve whilst providing optimum fit.

  • The Italian flair, which comes through in the vibrant prints and new designs.

In addition to the swimwear range, Miradonna® offers a beachwear line, which combines the style and attention to detail that are synonymous with Italian design and with the high quality standards of Miraclesuit®. 

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